Yes! I’m so happy, I missed you Rose. Are you okay?


I missed you so much, Cass, you have no idea. I’m… good. Better now I’m back, anyway. And you? 


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No, but it sounds scary. You sound tough. Surprise, b-word.


It’s sorta scary, honestly. Although it’s more freaky than anything else— oh, no, I’m not tough at all. That’s really not how I’d be described, nope. 


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I’ve heard of it and I’m thoroughly uninterested. I dunno about that. It’s a lot of sodomy and weird ghosts.


Weird ghosts are what make it so great though. 


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Uh, yeah. I did.. Why wouldn’t I miss you?


Well, I uh… I would have thought after everything with Dylan— did Dylan tell you? 


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Oh, had you pulled one of those, it would’ve been fairly amazing, I’ll admit. Back from where? 


But scary, and not really… well, normal. I went to Phoenix for a bit— kinda like a holiday. It was nice. 


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tada, i'm a princess now
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Uh, hey Rosie.


Did you, uh… did you get my postcard? 


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itscarterforrester au cosie makes me cry too

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Anonymous asked:

"I want mommy..." The young child started to cry, she didn't understand what adoption was or why she was taken away from the orphanage where her mother dropped her off when she was 2 and promised to come back, but that was 2 years ago.

Hey! Don’t cry, sweetheart. [Scooping her up, Rose held her gently, mentally cursing Calla who’d left five minutes ago to buy some groceries] I promise everything is going to be alright, okay? Just, please don’t cry.

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Anonymous asked:

Moooooomy! Daddy's talking scienc-y again. It's hurting my head.

Robbie! [Holding a finger over her sons mouth, Rose tried not to laugh, pulling him close so she could speak quietly] Don’t talk too loud, Daddy might hear you and get his feelings hurt. Pretend to be interested, okay? And if you can manage to do that, I’ll give you three cookies. Deal?

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